Engel at Plastpol 2016

inject 4.0 points the way to the smart factory

The iQ weight control and iQ clamp control software solutions, developed by Engel for electric injection moulding machines, are part of Engel's wide-ranging inject 4.0 programme. With inject 4.0, Engel is enabling clients around the world to utilise the possibilities presented by the fourth industrial revolution. "Industrie 4.0 is nothing new for Engel – in many areas it has been current practice for a long time," says Nachilo. "Our modular approach to inject 4.0 makes it easy for our customers to get on board. There is no need for a complete solution from day one: optimisation of production processes starts with individual machines and may be expanded gradually into a global production network."

The aim of inject 4.0 is to establish the smart factory: a production operation that continually enhances itself through the networking and integration of production systems, systematic utilisation of process and production data and the deployment of adaptive production systems. A smart factory has three areas: smart machines for greater process capability, smart production for higher productivity and smart services for improved availability. The Engel range already has solutions in all areas, and will present some of these in Kielce. Visitors to the Engel stand will be able to experience the smart factory at first hand with iQ products (smart machines) as well as e-factory (smart production).

Engel has its own manufacturing execution system (MES): specifically tailored to the needs of the plastics processing industry, Engel e-factory achieves very deep vertical data integration (to the level of individual cavities). Engel e-factory ensures transparency by enabling centralised access to all relevant status and process data and comparing this with quality indicators and commercial objectives. The networking of injection moulding machines and manufacturing cells makes it much easier for a processing firm to utilise its machine park as effectively as possible, check the status of injection moulding machines and create documentation. It is not only machines in a machine park that can be integrated into the system, but also (if required) various locations around the globe.

Both of the processing cells at Engel's stand are incorporated in the Engel e-factory and may be controlled via a central master computer.
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