Electric machine ELEOS on show at MECSPE 2013

Electric machine ELEOS on show at MECSPE 2013
Star of the show will be the ELEOS 80, the electric version of the EOS ultra -
compact range of machines by Negri Bossi. Plasticising, injection, opening and clamping operations are all electrically actuated. The clamping unit adopts a two platen solution with the moving platen sliding on prismatic guides and recirculating ball bearings. This solution provides an excellent parallelism between the platens and ensures cleanliness in the moulding area, due to the absence of lubrication oil. This makes this machine ideally suited in all those sectors where contamination must be eliminated, (such as medical applications), hence the decision to exhibit the ELEOS machine at MECSPE, an exhibition mainly devoted to the medical sector.

The machine will be equipped with a 8 cavity mould to manufacture catheter butterflies in Polypropylene. The description of the machine is "full electric", (a small hydraulic circuit is used for lesser machine movements and for any core pulling requirement), but it s key features are focused on providing a solution based on precision and energy saving. Thanks also to an energy recovery system, the power consumption of this model is extremely low, this achieving a return on the initial investment in a very short time. This is the case with all Negri Bossi models, particularly in SE version (Smart Energy).



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