Eastman embraces a shrinking labels market

Eastman embraces a shrinking labels market
Full-body shrink film labels manufactured from Eastman’s Embrace LV copolyester are now available in Europe.

According to the manufacturer, they enable brand owners to create differentiated package designs and explore enhanced marketing opportunities crucial to retaining brand loyalty.

- Brand owners must do everything possible to attract anxious consumers in this tough economy - said Michael Hartmann, market development manager for packaging at Eastman. - The ability to retain or grow market share through special promotions fits perfectly well in the Embrace family’s capabilities.

From a design perspective, Embrace LV delivers packaging with 360-degree graphics, a great opportunity to communicate brand value while also providing more printable space for EU-regulated product and packaging information, he explained.

The film’s durability and toughness are married to the resin’s ability to cover contoured and shaped bottles and jars, increasing the visual impact.

The Embrace copolyester provides numerous design options as it can be printed with thermochromatic, metallic and glow-in-the-dark inks and used with spot varnishing and organic photovoltaic. Its ability to be embossed as well as decorated provides alternatives for shrink labelling, claimed Eastman.


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