ENGEL at the Plastics & Rubber Vietnam 2018

Self-optimising injection moulding machine

inject 4.0 is ENGEL’s answer to the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution, also referred to as Industry 4.0. The aim is to realise the smart factory, in which production processes continually self-optimise through the networking of production systems; the systematic usage of machine, process and production data; and the deployment of intelligent assistance systems. In this way processing firms can increase the productivity and quality of their production operations while responding to demands – which are changing ever more quickly – with maximum flexibility.

ENGEL is already offering a whole series of advanced and proven products for digitalisation and networking, and continues to develop the range. The modularity of the inject 4.0 concept makes it easy for plastics processing firms to harness the opportunities presented by Industry 4.0. Even individual solutions promise considerable benefits.

At the trade event, the e-mac injection moulding machine will underline this point. Equipped with the iQ weight control assistance system, the machine identifies fluctuations in environmental conditions and the raw material, automatically compensating for these shot for shot. Throughout the process, it keeps the injected melt volume constant and thereby stops rejects being produced.

ENGEL will be taking another assistance system to Ho Chi Minh City: iQ clamp control software, which calculates mould breathing in order to determine ideal clamping force and adapt it automatically.

Engel e-connect customer portal

The fastest link to the world of ENGEL: the e-connect customer portal ensures clarity. The platform supports all service products in ENGEL's inject 4.0 programme

Launch for new e-connect customer portal

ENGEL is introducing its new e-connect customer portal to Asia: it will be available in Vietnam from April 2018. “The aim in this development was to provide customers with more specific information, establish contact with them even faster and provide the best possible support to meet the challenges of Industry 4.0,” says Hieu.

From the first order onwards, all machines and system solutions supplied by ENGEL are stored in the system, with the current status also shown. For the best possible overview, users can reproduce the structure of their individual machinery in the system and even assign production lines to different halls or departments online. Making support and service enquiries online is not only convenient for users, but also speeds up order processing. As soon as a customer makes a request, it is automatically forwarded to the service team so that they can start looking for the cause immediately.

The new customer portal assists with online support and remote maintenance as well as further service products in ENGEL’s inject 4.0 range, including e-connect.monitor for condition-based, pre-emptive maintenance.

Source: Engel

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