Dispersogen PTS: the cost-effective all-rounder for specialized tinting machines

Dispersogen PTS: the cost-effective…
Clariant offers the specialized tinting machine market a unique all-rounder for the efficient and cost-effective dispersion of organic pigments with its new and improved wetting and dispersing agent, Dispersogen PTS.

The specialty chemicals expert has recently refined its agent, making it the first of its kind to offer such an all-round package of benefits in one solution.

When added to tinting machine dispensers, Dispersogen PTS achieves a low viscosity, free-flowing organic pigment paste at a very low and cost-effective dosage level of 4-8%. Dispersogen PTS is highly concentrated, containing 90% active substance. This enables only a small volume to be added to the colorant to achieve desired properties.

The resulting free-flowing pigment paste avoids the unwanted user problem of clogged machine parts. Dispersogen PTS also avoids traditional incompatibility problems that can occur in the paint mix; allof which add up to time and cost-savings for paint shops and home depots.

Dispersogen PTS sets a benchmark in pigment concentration levels, dispersing very high pigment loads from 30-50%. The high pigment concentration supports low viscosity, a high color yield and strong colors.

From an environmental perspective, Clariant’s innovative production technology ensures a very low VOC content and very low odor level for Dispersogen PTS. The wetting and dispersing agent is APEO-free. Dispersogen PTS does not require hazard labeling under EU standards or the new globally harmonized labeling system.

“Dispersogen PTS is a great example of how Clariant refines its products to achieve the properties required by a particular market. The highly-specialized tinting machine segment needs reliable, stable and free-flowing colorants for customized color matching.

Our improvements to Dispersogen PTS have ensured a unique, cost-effective all-rounder that can help the segment to achieve this,” comments Hendrik Ahrens from Technical Application EMEA, Clariant’s Business Unit Industrial & Consumer Specialties.

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