Design and convenience in caps and closures

Design and convenience in caps and closures
For mass products such as caps and closures the optimization of costs is the top priority. But not far behind is the need for unique selling points, or added value for the customer.

Today, differentiation by design is a major topic in the decision-making process of a consumer at the point of sale. Another rather important aspect, especially with a view to packaging and how to open it (including caps and closures) is convenience and added functionality. This is where Corvaglia of Eschlikon, Switzerland, contribute their expertise and experience in functional closure design and mould development, as well as in the production of closures.

The plastic closure of a beverage package is an important part of the brand concept and underpins its originality, appearance, status and maturity. An attractive package is known to arouse interest in a product and may have a significant impact on the decision to buy. Skilled package design results in a high level of product differentiation. As an important component of the beverage package the closure therefore plays a major part in positioning a product in the marketplace.

The special design of bottle and closure for the Y-Water kids' drink, for example, successfully provides the new product with a unique selling point. The neck and cap of the bottle are based on the PCO Corvaglia closure thread design. The use of a top cap achieves a well-proportioned continuation of the bottle contour.

But the most fancy ideas of a designer or the brightest inventions of an engineer are nothing if they do not end up in a final product. From the first scratch on a coaster or a napkin to a closure that can be economically produced, that can be mounted onto the neck of a bottle, and is safe and tight, is a long process and a challenge for mould makers and closure producers. “A designer, as well as a consumer, often underestimates the expertise and know-how that is needed to bring a beautiful and functional closure to reality, “ says Romeo Corvaglia, CEO of the Corvaglia Group “and in many cases it's a long road to take..