Dental applicator made from Vestakeep PEEK

Dental applicator made from Vestakeep PEEK
The DinoPress applicator relies on Vestakeep PEEK. Thanks to this high-performance polymer, the DinoPress applicator, a medical device for applying dental fillings, is now available in an improved version.

The working parts, which are subjected to heavy mechanical stress, are no longer made of metal, but from polyetheretherketone (PEEK) from Evonik Industries.

Substitution of metal through Vestakeep PEEK reduces the weight of the device noticeably, thereby eliminating user fatigue. Furthermore, the plastic feels warmer to the touch than does the metal, thus making it more pleasant to handle when filling is applied. And DinoPress can be steam sterilized up to 134°C.

The new DinoPress has been developed and optimized jointly by Gossau, Switzerland-based Alfred Schmid AG, specialists and producers of plastic parts for the dental industry for more than 40 years, and Basel, Switzerland-based Dolder AG. "Thanks to its favorable properties, Vestakeep PEEK can be used in many medical technology fields. It's as a metal substitute in particular that PEEK realizes its full potential," says Beat Imhof, senior sales manager at Dolder AG.

Vestakeep PEEK lends itself better to sterilization and is more durable than titanium alloys. Its outstanding mechanical, chemical, and electrical properties make this plastic an all-purpose material.

The DinoPress applicator relies on Vestakeep PEEK

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