Demag Plastics Group at Plastpol 2012

Demag Plastics Group at Plastpol 2012
With a compact production system for optical components and a Full-Cover-Labeling application for the packaging industry, Demag Plastics Group SP. z.o.o. will be present at the Plastpol International Fair from 29 May to 01 June in Kielce, Poland.

The Polish subsidiary company of the German-Japanese mechanical engineering firm Sumitomo (SHI) Demag will demonstrate to a technically minded public the achievement potential of their series Systec and El-Exis SP machines.

As previously, hydraulically operated injection moulding machines are very much in evidence in the market. Sumitomo (SHI) Demag offer their multi-function machine Systec with from 350 to 1200 kN clamping force and with an all hydraulic clamping unit from 1300 to 20000 kN with a knee lever clamping unit. The hydraulic machines are characterised by a high level of production efficiency and above all by a good price-performance relationship. The Systec series is fitted with numerous elements from the production efficient Sumitomo (SHI) Demag catalogue which cater especially for customers looking for an extremely economical production facility.

Demag Sumitomo

The cooling and filter system activeCool&Clean guarantees optimum oil quality and a long oil service life. For the controlled advance of the mould, the expanded sensitive mould protection function activeQ+ determines the deployment via the new control system NC5 plus. With the integrated energy measurement system activeEcon, an optional efficient instrument for optimising the use of energy is available. Cylinder isolation sleeves reduce the use of energy and shorten cylinder warm-up times. And not least, for the larger than 1300 kN knee lever versions on offer, the use of an all electric dosing unit drive is possible.

With the optional Adaption function, additional injection units from the product construction kit allow the machine to be equipped as Systec multi for multi-component technology.

Systec 50-310 produces magnifying lenses
At Plastpol 2012 a Systec 50-310 with 500 kN clamping force produces magnifying lenses from PC Makrolon.

With the mould made by sauer product GmbH, Dieburg in Germany, lenses are produced in a cycle time of 115 s. Mould tempering is carried out using Alternating Temperature Technology (ATT) from SINGLE. The moulded articles are removed by an integrated linear robot SDR11.

Alternating temperature tempering increases the quality of the moulded part
Under the label Alternating Temperature Technology (ATT) the SINGLE Temperiertechnik GmbH, Hochdorf offer a system solution which gives especially effective, variotherm liquid tempering for injection moulding and press tools. The flexible, active Komplettsystem consists of an individually configured alternating temperature tempering device as well as specially designed mould applications and mould elements with cooling channels positioned close to the surface. The company SINGLE is represented in Poland by Master Colors Sp. z o.o.

Integrated robots for works based automated injection moulding plant
The model range of integrated robots SDR offers six variants covering all mechanical, electrical and pneumatic interfaces for integration with the injection moulding machine Systec produced by Sumitomo (SHI) Demag. Mechanik and Aktorik in the robot model range SDR 11 to SDR 66 are based on the range of robots produced by the French manufacturer Sepro Robotique. As the control unit for the SDR robot, "Visual 2“ is used which is integrated into the NC5 control unit giving complete system control. This integration simplifies operability and increases the efficiency of the whole system.



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