Danisco Releases Life Cycle Assessment for Impact of SOFT-N-SAFE™ Bio-based Plasticizer on Environment

Danisco Releases Life Cycle…
Danisco has recently released its cradle-to-gate Life Cycle Assessment for SOFT-N-SAFE™, the bio-based plasticizer from Glycerine and Castor Oil, to add to the weight of evidence that the company has produced in support of the product's benign Environmental profile.

The plasticizer - used primarily by the PVC industry to substitute for any 'plasticizers of concern' - is based on Glycerine and Castor Oil and has made considerable inroads into both the Food Contact and the Technical markets across a wide spectrum of end-uses and other polymers such as PET and Acrylics. Commented Mikkel Thrane, Danisco's Life Cycle Assessment Manager: "Having previously released comprehensive information on the safety of SOFT-N-SAFE™ for human beings it was only logical that we completed the picture with a detailed life cycle assessment of the environmental impacts in accordance with the ISO 14044 standard as well as the ILCD Handbook from the Joint Research Centre of European Commission. We are naturally pleased at the result and the study - which is 3rd party verified - highlights the minimum impact that this product has on our environment. With a low impact on Water resources, Non-renewable resource depletion and Greenhouse Gas emissions it has all the hallmarks of a genuinely sustainable product".

SOFT-N-SAFE™ is a unique product based on Danisco's food ingredient technology and is being increasingly introduced in markets for PVC such as Food Contact, Coated Fabrics and the Flooring Industry where its combination of easy Processing characteristics, Safety profile and Environmental profile make it a good choice for companies seeking alternative plasticizers in an ever more demanding market. "The landscape for plasticizers has changed over the last few years and Processors and Brandowners are faced with many more pressures than in previous eras: regulatory, brand image, the quest for differentiation and sustainability are all concepts that we cannot ignore today" commented Philippe Dumont, Sales Manager for Non-Food & Plastics. "And a benign Environmental profile is key to the product's acceptability in the market" he added.

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