Cosmetics workshop in Poland

Cosmetics workshop in Poland
Almost 40 interested cosmetic packaging specialists followed the invitation
for the 3rd cosmetic seminar in Lodz.

Gabriel-Chemie Poland is located in Lodz and is proud running a colour laboratory supporting the entire polish plastic market with exclusive colour concentrates, called masterbatch.

Several speeches and innovative colour trials have taken place within the 2 days
seminar, following luxury colour effect impressions in different polymers.
Furthermore it was presented and discussed consumers and colour trends; i.e.
demographical changes will have an important influence on future marketing brand concepts and certain colour concepts. Gabriel-Chemie has evaluated such consumer changes and is prepared for every colour inquiry serving the plastic industry prominently, especially in Poland.

The CEO of the Gabriel-Chemie Group, Mr. Santa Olalla, has attended as well and is proud of his team in Lodz showing an outstanding colour spirit and technical

“With the concept to open up a masterbatch production Gabriel-Chemie provides the still expanding and highly qualified plasticindustry in Poland and will improve the service as much as the cooperation with our customers.” says Mr. Rodolfo Santa Olalla.

Every plastic manufacturing company in Poland is invited to make use of this colour laboratory in Lodz. Further events in Lodz are in schedule and will follow in future.