Concentrated Power for the birthday party

The visitors at the event will also get an opportunity to see the largest machine currently manufactured in Kottingbrunn, a MacroPower 2000/12800H/350L CombiMould. This machine is the 2-component version of the largest machine model in the MacroPower series. It is equipped with a robot from the new WX series from WITTMANN, a WX173.

The full scope of Wittmann 4.0 integration will be demonstrated impressively using an EcoPower 90/350, in whose UNILOG B8 control system the robot and all peripherals connected to the machine have been integrated. As a novelty, the electronic data sheet will be used in the UNILOG B8 control system. This electronic data sheet serves to configure a production cell integrated via the Wittmann 4.0 router in accordance with the selected mold dataset, including all necessary appliances such as robots, temperature controllers, metering devices, dryers and electronic flow controllers. Via the “plug & produce” mode, the production cell is ready for start-up in next to no time. All required data for quality management from the machine and the peripherals are available for documentation via Wittmann 4.0. Moreover, the Wittmann 4.0 router allows secure access by a single IP address (single point entry) to all modules of the production cell for servicing by the web service.

Wittmann Battenfeld will also show applications from the fields of medical technology, micro injection molding, MIM powder injection molding, CellMould structured foam technology and the AirMould internal gas pressure process. Some novelties from the Wittmann Group’s range of robots and peripheral appliances will be presented as well.

In addition to the show of exhibits, the guests of Wittmann Battenfeld will be presented with a number of interesting speeches, starting with presentations about the corporate development and a keynote speech about cyber-physical production systems held by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johannes Schilp from Augsburg University, and continuing with several short presentations about topics regarding specific process technologies or machinery.

In the course of the guided company tours which are planned, visitors will have an opportunity to see the company’s extended production facility and new manufacturing technologies, including the new processing line for the machines from the SmartPower and EcoPower series from 180 t clamping force upwards.

Source: Wittmann Battenfeld