Composites – materials with a future

No one can tell you realistically what the composites market will look like in 10 years’ time, and certainly not in terms of volumes. Nevertheless, experts can share their views and present results that may impact the future. Although such personal assessments, coupled with new developments and innovations in the composites sector, do not allow us to predict the future with any absolute certainty, they nevertheless enable us to paint a more realistic picture.

The 3rd ICC, which will be held in Stuttgart on 18 and 19 September 2017, will combine the expertise and assessments of the relevant experts, while offering excellent networking opportunities in a pleasant atmosphere.

AVK, the German Federation of Reinforced Plastics, is the professional German association for fibre-reinforced plastics and composites. It represents the interests of manufacturers and processors both in Germany and at the European level. Its range of services includes specialised workgroups, seminars and conferences as well as the provision of market-specific information.

In Germany, AVK is one of four support organisations of GKV, the General Association of the Plastics Processing Industry. Within Europe, it is a member of the European umbrella association for composites, EuCIA (European Composites Industry Association). AVK is a founding member of Composites Germany.

Source: AVK

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