Clariant launches ColorForward 2015

Redefining Eden

Identity. Expression. Orientation. Biology. Four dimensions that help translate into conventional words the most complex multi-dimensional space ever created: the human being. Not all of it, indeed, just what, conventionally, we used to refer to as "gender." Male or female? It's nothing more than biology. Woman or man? Should we just want to look at identity? Masculine or feminine? Do we really care about expression only? Homosexual or heterosexual? Sexual orientation is not everything (and isn't limited to that). Does it really make sense to cluster human beings in labeled cells, like wild animals in zoo cages? Does it really benefit human beings to expect each and every one of us to fit into a preconceived and conventional scheme, rejecting the acceptance of human nature as a collection of infinite shades within the concept of a Person? A Person is a Person. A human being who should be considered as an individual that excels beyond the limits created by prevailing and selfish man-made cultures, which have been artificially built over the centuries and are detached from freedom-pervading Nature. Labels are most often construed with the sole aim of preserving and perpetuating themselves and their respective underlying powers and interests. Labels are over.


In a reaction to the overprotected way of living of the third millennium, and driven by refined technologies, refined processes, refined food and refined physical activity, an increasing number of people are opting for a return to the raw sense of their primal state. People are getting harsher and tougher. They are reaching within themselves for power and inner strength. They seek to be a part of nature where survival of the fittest is key. We are seeing a controlled release of anger. Blood and bruises are the new badges of courage. The natural consequence of the popularity of extreme sports and fitness routines is the rise in "extreme" consumer products, which first began in the beverage industry. Consumers no longer want "normal"; they want a wider variety of "extreme" goods. Food is seen as fuel for providing greater strength and longer endurance, and for helping you achieve your goal.

Clariant Masterbatches products are marketed under the following global brand names: Remafin olefinic masterbatches and compounds; Renol masterbatches and compounds based on engineering resins, styrenics and PVC; Mevopur masterbatches for medical and pharma; Cesa additive masterbatches; Hydrocerol chemical foaming and nucleating agents; Omnicolor universal color masterbatches, and Enigma special effects; Hiformer, the liquid masterbatches system.


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