Chemtura building European capacity for synthetic basestocks

Chemtura building European…
Chemtura Corporation has announced the next stage of its plan to increase output of its Synton line of high-viscosity polyalphaolefin (HVPAO) synthetic basestocks.

Engineering work has commenced to enable production of the Synton 40 and Synton 100 HVPAO brands at its facility in Ankerweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands by 2013.

“Chemtura is increasing capacity and establishing a European manufacturing capability for HVPAO in order to meet the increasing global demand for these products and locate production capacity in a region of significant demand growth,” said Sean O’Connor, president/general manager, Petroleum Additives. “Production in Europe allows us to further enhance our service levels and continue to meet our commitments to our customers.”

Chemtura’s Synton HVPAO products are used as high-performance basestocks and viscosity improvers in synthetic lubricant formulations such as gear oils and engine oils. Earlier in 2011, Chemtura announced expanded production capacity for the Synton 40 PAO and Synton 100 HVPAO grades at its Elmira, Ontario, Canada facility.

“Extended-life industrial and automotive oils are made possible by Chemtura’s Synton line, with Synton PAO 40 widely used in wind turbines to generate electricity with low emissions,” said Chet Cross, executive vice president, Chemtura Engineered & Industrial Performance Products. “These capacity expansions demonstrate our commitment to the evolving renewable energy sector and to greener applications for our products.”

Chemtura Corporation, with 2010 sales of $2.8 billion, is a global manufacturer and marketer of specialty chemicals, agrochemicals and pool, spa and home care products.

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