Change of brand strategy for the Wittmann Group

Change of brand strategy for…

The Wittmann Group has decided to change its previous brand strategy, transforming it from a two-brand strategy into a one-brand strategy, with the aim of communicating its advantage of being able to offer complete system solutions from a single source via the brand as well.

With the integration of Battenfeld machines into the extended product portfolio of the Wittmann Group, the company has so far consistently pursued a two-brand strategy in its external appearance: Wittmann for all products around injection molding machines and Wittmann Battenfeld for injection molding machines and injection molding processes. To highlight the significance of the injection molding machine for the future development of the company, the brand name Wittmann Battenfeld was originally chosen, preferred and used deliberately in communication.

In recent years, though, the Group’s competitive edge of being able to offer “complete solutions from a single source” has gained substantially in significance. In due consideration of this development, the “one-stop-shop” advantage is now to be given special emphasis by a uniform brand designation and color scheme for the entire product range.

This is why the Wittmann Group has decided to use the Wittmann logo for all of its advertising activities and product lines in future. The change of its external appearance is to start on 1 January 2022 and to be completed by the K trade fair in October 2022. There will be no changes in the organization of the companies within the Wittmann Group. All company names will be left unaltered by the brand strategy change.


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