CaseTech invests €300,000 in Poland

A manufacturer of food packaging is investing €300,000 in a project to expand its production in Poland to manufacture plastic-based processed sausage casings.

The company, CaseTech Polska, part of Germany's CaseTech, has received the planning green light to establish a production unit in leased premises in Poland's Legnica Special Economic Zone. The plant will manufacture polyamide-based casings for sausages and research and develop new plastics packaging products used in food processing.

The Polish offshoot already manufactures the company's traditional trademark 'Walsroder' cellulose-based fibrous raw sausage coverings. Its new facility is set to create another 40 jobs.

CaseTech, based in Bomlitz, Germany, has been producing Walsroder casings for the meat processing industry for 80 years and is one of six manufacturing fibrous cellulose food casing packaging worldwide. Casings are printed and converted by the company.

CaseTech developed from the plastic casings division of DowWolff Cellulosics, formerly Wolff Walsrode. Today, CaseTech employs 400 and has four sites in Germany, Poland and at Willowbrook, Illinois, USA. The firm is owned by Munich industrial investment company Adcuram Group.

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