Brenntag Italy inaugurates new distribution center in Bologna

Brenntag Italy inaugurates new distribution center in Bologna
Brenntag, global market leader in chemical distribution, today inaugurates the new distribution center in Bologna in order to further improve its service for customers and suppliers.

The opening of the new site, which employs 65 people, reinforces Brenntag's leadership on the Italian chemical distribution market and makes this modern site one of the most important multi-product chemical distribution centres in Italy.

Both, Inorganic products and Solvents will be stored as well as Specialities for various industrial sectors such as food, pharma and personal care. The Company is qualified with UNI ISO 9001 certification, SQAS Distributor ESAD II evaluation. Furthermore a HACCP system will be adopted for both feed and food products. Also the FAMI-QS certification will be implemented, specifically for additives and pre-mixes for feed applications.

In an area situated besides the actual solvent storage area, a modern 6,000 sq. mt. warehouse has been realized which contains a 3 metre high platform holding 35 tanks with a total capacity of 2,100 m3 (able to increase to 47 and approximately 2,820 m3). The warehouse has a storage capacity for up to 3,000 pallet places and is separated in two rooms each dedicated to food/feed products and to oxidants. Up to 3 mixers liquids/liquids and powders/liquids will be operational in the specifically dedicated area.

The filling area is fitted with 4 automatic machines for small packages and 8 independent weighing machines for IBCs. The plant hosts also storage tanks for Air1 (urea based additive for Euro 4 and Euro 5 engines that reduces harmful emissions) and a dedicated filling line for packaging. However safety measures make this plant truly unique.

All tanks are fitted with radar level controls and have a further safety measure thanks to the installation of level switches. All package filling is made by gravity thanks to the platform's elevation. Operative areas are separated respecting chemical compatibility of products (acids, lyes, peroxides) and each area is fitted with an independent drainage system to avoid dangerous reactions both in filling area and loading/unloading trucks area. Also the existing plant was involved into renovation.

A relevant automatic fire fighting system was installed and it operates in all the already existing area as in the new one, in the loading and oxidant chemicals zones. The system is provided with sprinklers fed with a water and foam mixture pressurized by a pumping station equipped with storage of 400 m3 .The whole area is equipped with a basin to contain used fire fighting water, avoiding pollution risks in case of fire. All waste water is treated in a dedicated chemical/physical plant with a final biological treatment.

Furthermore the new warehouse will join the existing structure which is equipped with 66 underground and above ground tanks with 3,000 m3 of storage capacity and warehouses with a total of 1,300 pallet places. Also a new office was realized with a total surface of approximately 700 sq. mt.

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Brenntag is the global market leader in full-line chemical distribution.




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