Bosch Packaging Technology expands its Crailsheim location

Bosch Packaging Technology…
Bosch Packaging Technology is investing 13 million euros into the expansion of its Crailsheim location.

This will create up to 70 local jobs by 2013. As a result, the total number of associates at the Packaging Technology business unit in Crailsheim will increase to around 900.

An assembly hall with 6,600 square meters of floor space is to be built by the end of the coming year, which will include the location's new technology center. The new complex will provide space for the manufacture of large-scale installations for the sterile filling and packaging of liquid pharmaceuticals. By mid-2013, the new office building comprising around 2,200 square meters will also be ready for occupation. This will provide workplaces for up to 130 associates. “This expansion means that we will continue to be able to satisfy the rising demand for high-performance installations and thus create the foundation for further growth”, emphasized Friedbert Klefenz, President of Bosch Packaging Technology. He went on to explain that, in this year alone, the Crailsheim location is set to record a 12-percent increase in sales compared to the previous year.

The new assembly hall and office building will use a biogas plant to provide heat. “In Crailsheim, Bosch has been heating with this technology since 2009, reducing its CO2 emissions by over 450 tons per year”, explained location manager Joachim Brenner and added: “In addition to biogas, we are using wood pellets. This means that we are covering around 75 percent of our heat requirements with climate-neutral fuels.” The new construction includes a modern ventilation system which will ensure a heat recovery rate of 94 percent.

The Bosch location in Crailsheim is the headquarter of Bosch Packaging Technology's Pharma business unit. It conducts the activities of worldwide ten manufacturing sites with around 2,200 associates in total. The Bosch Packaging Technology business unit is a leading supplier of process and packaging technology for the production of liquid and powdery pharmaceuticals. Crailsheim's product portfolio includes stand-alone machines, line systems and integrated solutions as well as services such as qualification and validation.

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