Borghi is expanding its facilities

Borghi is expanding its facilities
In February 2011, Borghi has broken ground on the construction of an addition to the Borghi factory.

The project will add 5,600 square meters of space to the existing 20,000 square meters at Borghi's headquarters in Castelfranco Emilia (Modena) Italy. The expansion is designed to host three companies in which Borghi s.p.a. is a co-owner: Unimac, a world leader in the manufacture of machinery for metal handles and power brushes Technoplastic, a world leader in the production extrusion lines for plastic monofilaments and strapping bands and Bellucci Ltd.,a long-time supplier of electrical cabinets and Partner of Borghi s.p.a. The new establishment of the three partner companies in the Borghi factory will mark the birth of the first Brush, Broom, Mop, Handle & Monofilament Machinery Supply Group all under one roof.

The project is foreseen to be completed by the spring of 2012.

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Borghi, a world leader in the production of machinery for the Broom and Brush Industry.


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