Bioplastics in packaging at interpack 2008

Interpack PROCESSES and PACKAGING 2008 highlights the special theme of "Bioplastics in Packaging".

The offerings highlighting the special theme "Bioplastics in Packaging" at interpack PROCESSES AND PACKAGING, which opens its doors between 24 to 30 April 2008, will form the biggest exhibition of its kind in the world. International exhibitors active in sectors including polymers and granulates, additives, finishing, plastics processing and packaging production - among them big names such as BASF, DuPont Packaging and Nature Works - will ensure that the topic bioplastics packaging is covered thoroughly. The showcase will feature all material classes (synthetic material/biodegradable, materials based on renewable primary products/biodegradable and materials based on renewable primary products/non-biodegradable).

Against a backdrop of current debate over conserving resources and sustainable development, bioplastics have been advancing at a rapid rate in the recent past. In the wake of this development, the number of fields of application for bioplastics is also continually growing. Today already, packaging permeable by water vapour for fruit and vegetables, completely biodegradable refuse bags and fully compostable packaging can be found on the international market. Through the offerings focusing on the special topic, visitors will be able to brush up on developments in various material classes - such as enhanced barrier properties, heat resistance, easier processing as well as the various fields of application.

An another fundamental aspect of this holistic concept will be competence centers addressing such keywords as sustainability (regarding packaging), convenience (functional design for B2B and B2C packaging), consumer insights (target-group-specific packaging needs), point of sale and imagination (creative possibilities in packaging construction and design).

Round presentation areas will be occupied by producers of folding box packaging, manufacturers of packaging machinery, design agencies and retailers. The layout will allow visitors to discuss relevant focal themes with experts from the various stages in the value chain. Among the INNOVATIONPARC PACKAGING participants, big names such as Metro, Smurfit Kappa Baden Karton, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, MAN Roland Druckmaschinen, Siegwerk Druckfarben and COPACO were attracted into exhibiting.

Visitors to the INNOVATIONPARC PACKAGING will also be able to take in a store shelf optimised according to marketing principles and an age simulator, which will offer an insight into the experiences of the 70-plus target group in a retail outlet with the help of a special suit and pair of glasses.

The organisation of Bioplastics in Packaging is being supported by the association European Bioplastics. Visitors will be able to investigate the special theme in Hall 7a throughout interpack`s run from 24 to 30 April 2008. An ancillary programme including talks on current industry issues will round out the showcase.

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sent: 2012-08-10 07:39:56

I am so glad you wrote about this! I have been furious over the false mkinetrag of cornstarch disposables. They are only compostable in commercial composters, which very few counties have. Not only is it misleading but it is promoting bio-engineered corn and all the inherent problems. I am glad to hear about an alternative but I still think reusing is the best way to go.Thank you!@sslopes


sent: 2012-09-04 12:06:21

That was pretty interesting. Packaging can be seen as boring or simple. I mean, how much can you do to change a box? The answer is, quite a lot. For companies, selecting the right packaging is key. Not only does it help attract a target audience, but it also gives a product identity and personality, something that can be easily associated with a group.