Arburg presents efficient injection moulding at the Plastpol 2010

Automation solutions are also growing in importance, as the industry aims to produce high-quality parts in a cost-efficient manner. At the same time, programming must remain simple and reliable, despite the increasing complexity. This is ensured by the unique Selogica control system, whose graphic-based sequence programming makes it the perfect human/machine interface for injection moulding machines and robotic systems from Arburg, and for the six-axis robotic system from Kuka.

Consequently, the implementation of the Selogica user interface in the robotic control system brings the user decisive advantages: after only one brief training session, he can independently program and modify robotic sequences. Moreover, the significantly reduced set-up work requirements result in shorter set-up times and, above all, the synchronisation of robot and machine movements effectively cuts the application’s cycle times. This topic will be completed by expert presentations held by Arburg in the context of its Plastpol programme. In addition, the Arburg trade fair stand will also feature a model comprising a clamping unit and six-axis robotic system, on which trade visitors can test for themselves the simple robotic programming via the Selogica user interface.

An example of the practical application of a six-axis robotic system of this kind is the complex production cell based on a vertical Allrounder 375 V. Thanks to the small footprint of the vertical machine and high degree of freedom of the robotic equipment, this project system promises extremely high flexibility even in the most restricted spaces. For the automated production of a toy buggy, the robot inserts the metal axles in the mould. In a single injection moulding cycle, the metal axles are encapsulated with plastic wheels, and the roof and chassis are produced. The robot then removes the four individual components and, in a subsequent step, assembles them on the table opposite to produce the finished buggy, which is then removed via a chute.

- The plastics-processing industry in Poland demands high-end injection moulding solutions with an aim to achieving cost-efficient yet high-quality production. With our modular product range, which permits the customised and industry-specific equipment of machines and systems, we are perfectly positioned to satisfy these requirements - says the Polish subsidiary manager.

A further benefit is Arburg’s expertise in the field of complex production cells, which incorporate upstream and downstream operations. With Arburg, the customer benefits from a main contractor who designs, implements and commissions the systems and also offers a global after-sales service. - Because close co-operation with the customer is especially important with regard to automation, we have a project engineer here in Michalowice in addition to the Project department at the German Arburg headquarters in Lossburg - says Slawomir Śniady, providing an example of Arburg’s all-round, intensive customer support, which also covers the automation sector.


ARBURG is one of the leading global manufacturers of injection moulding machines for plastics and the relevant additional equipment.