Arburg at the MSV 2012 in Brno

As second automation exhibit, a hydraulic Allrounder Golden Edition machine will be presented, which is equipped with a mobile robotic system in order to remove the moulded parts for further processing. The advantage of this solution, which was designed and implemented by automation experts at the Czech subsidiary, is its high degree of flexibility. The entire peripherals, consisting of a six-axis robotic system, conveyer belt and guard cage, are mounted on rollers as a unit and can be used on various machines. This solution is thus a good illustration of increased production efficiency through process integration and production planning.

Production reliably under control with host computer system

Ensuring consistently high product quality, optimising production capacity utilisation and minimising downtimes to enhance the energy efficiency of production processes will become increasingly important in ensuring cost-effective production in the future. For this purpose, the Arburg host computer system ALS provides the ideal control instrument between production planning and the production process itself. The new “ALS Mobile” analysis tool from Arburg offers decision-makers even greater transparency. Key parameters and production data from the injection moulding processes can now be called up in real time. Those using mobile ALS access have an online link to the information flow and can fully exploit available capacities.

arburg Robot modul


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