APPE invests in Poland

APPE invests in Poland
APPE, the packaging division of LSB, says building work at its new Polish factory is on schedule with commercial production due to commence in December and the plant fully operational by January 2013.

Three Husky injection moulding machines are being installed initially to satisfy the three major contracts that APPE Polska currently has in place, meaning that its original planned capacity is already sold-out. A DeepGrip blow moulding machine will be installed in 2013 and the plant will offer the full range of APPE technologies including injection moulding, blow moulding and single stage.

Business development discussions are in an advanced stage with a number of other leading brand owners and APPE Polska expects to double capacity in the near future. The company has put in place an ambitious five year growth plan which is forecasting a 1 billion unit production facility. The new factory is based in Tychy, near Katowice in the South of Poland. The site was selected for its proximity to Polish fillers as well as its capacity for expansion in line with growth forecasts.

The installation of equipment and start-up of manufacturing is also being overseen by an experienced APPE team from the company’s existing facilities to help ensure a smooth transition to production and that APPE’s best-in-class manufacturing capabilities are delivered from the outset.

“Establishing this state-of-the-art production facility from the ground up has enabled us to install equipment to take advantage of all the very latest technologies in PET manufacturing,” comments Wojciech Brzegowy. “This means we will not only be able to supply the best quality products but also produce them with the lowest carbon footprint.”

The opening of APPE Polska is part of APPE’s ongoing expansion plans throughout Europe, which will also include the building of a new plant in Italy in 2013.

“These are very exciting times for APPE as we seek to maximise opportunities in all areas of our business,” explains Managing Director Martin Hargreaves.
“APPE Polska will serve as an excellent base to expand in Eastern Europe, offering our full range including new technologies and products such as DeepGrip, ActivSeal and our brand-new hot-fill, pasteurisable jars.”

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