Warning signs projector (110156)

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Leszek Caputa

Virtual character projectors provide security for pedestrians and vehicle operators. It is an alternative to painted, glued or taped characters, which often do not withstand difficult operating conditions or the inability to make traditional safety labels.

Character projectors are mainly used to mark sensitive places by reducing the number of dangerous collisions.

You can display any characters or standard signs, eg warning signs or prohibitions (STOP, ATTENTION)

The image can be displayed in a static, rotating or blinking option.

You can add special devices to the projectors that activate the projector when the forklift approaches.

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Cyfrowe systemy ważące, wagi, wózki paletowe

Measuring & control equipment, Forklifts, Pallet trucks, Scales, Palletisers

Polska, 40-020 Katowice, Przemysłowa 10

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