Tensioners for polyester and polypropylene straps

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In order to economically connect polyester tapes (eg SEKIPET ) as well as polypropylene tapes (eg SEKISTRAP ), tensioners should be used to enable their welding. Below is a short description of the necessary tools for tensioning and joining tapes by welding:

1) The ORGAPACK OR-T 50 tensioner is a professional tool for tensioning and welding tapes. It guarantees a strong tension (up to 2300N) and a weld connecting the tape, and at the same time is an economical solution. The tensioner weighs only 3.5 kg, which has a significant impact on the speed of strapping; in one work cycle pulls, seals and cuts the polyester or polypropylene tape with a width of 9 to 19 mm.

2) ORGAPACK OR-T 250 tensioner is a high-quality welding device, designed for loads requiring strong banding. The tensioner works with belts with a width of 12 to 16 mm. The belt tension force ranges from 400 to 2000N. The tape placed in the tensioner is automatically tensioned, welded by friction and then cut. It is a very economical device with high performance and low operating costs.

3) The ORGAPACK OR-T 400 tensioner is a lightweight (4.2 kg) device for welding and cutting tapes. The belt tension force is up to 4000N. The tensioner has an efficient lithium-ion battery, enabling up to 400 welds with one charge. The charging time is only 30 minutes.

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