Roller conveyor for gripper type X (121922)

Type of offer::
~1 651 EUR / pc
Valid for:
25 days

ABC Control Sp. z o.o.
Name and surname:
Łukasz Gatner

We offer a roller conveyor for feeding bags of our production for sale. Production takes place at the headquarters of our company in Zabrze, Silesia. The presented conveyor has been tested on many of our projects, on which the conveyors are used to transport bags weighing up to 50 kg. By choosing our conveyor, you can be sure that it has been tested in production and complies with the customer's guidelines. As a manufacturer, we have spare parts and we provide maintenance services for the devices we manufacture.

Manufacturer's symbol: PR1

Dimensions: L: 890, W: 1100, H: 450. The dimensions of the pickup plane 350. The conveyor modules can be combined with each other.

Weight: 100 kg

Load: bags up to 50 kg

Power supply: 3x400V

Speed: 300mm / s - standard, other speeds on request

Motoreducer: 0.25kW or 0.37kW matched to the customer's needs

Rolls: fi 50, roller spacing adapted to the gripper

The PT1 roller conveyor works with an X-type gripper (GMX).

We issue a CE declaration of conformity for the conveyor.

We offer delivery to the customer within the country using shipping companies. It is also possible to pick up from the warehouse by prior appointment.

Completion date: 5 - 6 weeks.

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