Richly equipped universal extruder - a line for the production of LDPE, HDPE foil sleeves (119702)

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~5 538 EUR / pc
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1 pc
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20 days

Modus-Pack Sp. z o.o.
Name and surname:
Ryszard Czerniak

Perfectly equipped, at any time to see in motion, universal extruder - line for the production of LDPE and HDPE foil sleeves. Very little used. Year of production 2019.

Type: KMT-55, Taiwan manufacturer


Film width: max. 1000mm

Film thickness: HDPE: 0.015-0.1mm, LDPE: 0.015-0.15mm

Productivity: HDPE max. 65 kg / h, LDPE max: 75 kg / h

Screw : Ø55mm, L / D: 32: 1 BI-metallized (perfect for production from regranulates)

Head: HDPE Ø80 / 100mm, LDPE Ø200mm

Extraction: pneumatic suction Width: 1100mm

Extraction speed : up to 75m / min

Rewinder: single with AUTOMATIC change of rolls, width 1100mm

Equipment :

1) Rotary head system                                                     

2) 2 pcs expansion rollers, 1100mm wide

3) Activator for foil, corona type (CH-800T) activation for printing

4) Pump for loading granules

5) Bi-metallization + screw elongation 32: 1 (to work with regranulates)

6) Sieve cartridge (filtration area 6 times larger)

7) Additional insert for the LDPE 150mm and 100mm head

8) Film width control (photocell)

9) Electronic film tension sensor

Leasing to take over. Installment 5 184 PLN + VAT. End of contract 08/2024 .

Fees: PLN 25,000 + VAT

The original price of the machine is PLN 312,000 net. To be paid: PLN 216,000 net.

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