Portable jaw welders with stabilizer (59958)

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Dariusz Dudziak

Portable polystar jaw welders are designed for the welding of various types of products. They are used for sealing heavy and heavy bags such as cement or fertilizer. Long pieces of materials can be easily combined using a heat sealing seal. Seam length can range from 150 to 600 mm. The devices seal polyethylene films up to 2x0.3 mm thick.

Polystar 110 GE generators are reliable and ready for immediate use right after switching on.

The automatic jaw tension stabilizer provides the right amount of energy. Regardless of the jaw width, the active pulse generator recognizes the required voltage and automatically adjusts it in the jaw welders. Both small and large jaw welders can be connected successively to the pulse generator polystar 110 GE without any difficulty and without any additional precision setting of the electronics responsible for welding time. Consequently, the consumption of the heating tape is smaller. The welding temperature and the temperature of the heating tape are electronically controlled.

All units are mobile, thanks to their light weight and equipped with a power cable of 3 to 6 m in length.

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