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Adept-Service Sp. z o.o.
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Andrzej Boufał

WE PROVIDE MACHINES AS AVAILABLE! We cooperate with machine manufacturers from Taiwan, China, Korea and Italy.

We can provide you with cheap and economical machines. All machines conforming to the "CE" standard. Please describe your needs - we will try to answer a good offer:

* Lines for film (HDPE, LDPE, PVC, PP, Stretch, Multilayer - up to 5 layers).
* Single and twin screw extruders, compounding lines,
* extruders, extruders lines for pipes, hoses, profiles, plates. E.t.c,
* linear flexographic printers and central cylinder,
* machines for the production of bags and bags of foil , welders
* Laminating lines for paper and cardboard, nonwovens and copper foil
* recycling lines for plastics and tires and various industrial waste,
* mills, shredders, pulverizers, granulators, dispensers,
* special machines (eg for making PVC labels and caps, PP drinking straws, meshes etc.)
* Neutralization and use of static electricity in the production process,
* Cleaning systems, cleaners with rotary nozzles and air knives.
* Blast nozzle systems , air stream amplifiers, Vortex nozzles, air cooling.
* labeling and ornamentation systems in the form of -IML,
* machine parts.

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