Pallet truck for working in the EX zone with the EX weighing system (67000)

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Leszek Caputa

Pallet truck with scale, built-in weighing system, for zones classified as hazardous (ZONES 1 and 2), protection in accordance with Ex II 2G IIB T4 guidelines (for TPWX2G and TPW2GM) or Ex II 2GD IIB T4 T197 ° C (for TPWX2GD and TPWX2GDM ). The ATEX certificate for all load sensors, with IP68 protection, guarantees the highest accuracy in all operating conditions. Also available with CE-M legalization. MAIN ADVANTAGES Maximum lifting capacity: 2000 kg. Accuracy: +/- 0.1% load capacity. Fork dimensions: 1170 x 550 x 85 mm. Own weight about 125 kg. The supporting structure is made of extra thick steel sheet, powder coated also in closed profiles. Standard equipment in a rotating terminal column. Rubber steering wheels and double polyurethane loading rollers. 4 beam load sensors, made of IP68 stainless steel, ATEX certified. Easy to clean housing made of stainless steel with protection IP68, built to withstand the work in a difficult and unfriendly environment; a large LCD display with very contrasting 25 mm high numbers that are clearly visible even in low light conditions; 16-button, numeric / function, membrane, waterproof keyboard. Calibration and setting of Set-Up parameters from the keyboard or from a PC with DINITOOLS. Power supply via built-in rechargeable battery, charged in a safe area. Approximate 150-hour working time. Equipment: power supply for charging the battery in a safe 230Vac 50 Hz zone. AVAILABLE OPTIONS Removable rechargeable battery. Brake system with pedal mounted on controlled wheels. Vulkolan type steering wheel system. Fork width 680 mm (asks for the price!). Special forks from 850 to 1500 mm long (ask for price!). Carrying capacity 3000 kg (ask for a price!). Special versions and dimensions (ask for a price!). NOTES FUNCTIONS TO CHOOSE: High Weighing Resolution x 10 Net Conversion / Gross or lb / kg Additive Weighing according to Formulas Piece Calculation Weighing Vehicle Entry / Exit Hold and Peak Pair weight-scale (up to 4 connected remote terminals) KEYBOARD FUNCTIONS: Reset, Automatic tare , Manual tare entry, Two 10-digit ID1 and ID2 codes, printout and / or transfer of weighing data, function selection commands, on / off switch.

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