Pallet Stacker D-53 Plt 2 (29679)

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16 days

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Dariusz Dudziak

The D-53 PLT 2 clamping machine is designed for fast and economical fastening of most types of pallets using standard polypropylene tape.

The D-53 PLT machine can reduce pallet packing times by half compared to handwashing time. Spinning is done in a very simple and easy, effortless way. The operator translates the tape over the clipped item and places it in a special tray. The machine automatically pulls the tape, seals, cuts off and ejects the next stretch of tape. One tape sealing cycle takes no more than 2 seconds.

Taśmy bandujące, napinacze do taśm, maszyny pakujące, zgrzewarki, pochłaniacze wilgoci

Logistics, Overprints, Films, Tapes, Packaging, Packaging machines, Plastic welders, Profiles, corners, Sorbents

Polska, 63-500 Ostrzeszów, Św. Mikołaja 25 E

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