Packing Machine - Mini Combiset

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ScanPack S.J.
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Dariusz Dudziak
MiniCombiset is a combination of an angle sealer and a shrink tunnel. The welding frame has a magnetic closure with automatic opening at the end of each welding cycle. This allows you to prepare another welding package in the meantime, thus saving you time and speeding up production. The time of welding, cooling, and tunnel temperature is individually adjusted. Thanks to the special air circulation shrunk pack has a constant high quality. The tape transporting the parcels through the tunnel has a constant speed and operates automatically.
Taśmy bandujące, napinacze do taśm, maszyny

Logistics, Overprints, Films, Tapes, Packaging, Packaging machines, Plastic welders, Profiles, corners, Sorbents

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