Orgapack OR-T 250 tape tensioner (25456)

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ScanPack S.J.
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Dariusz Dudziak

Fully automatic strapping machine for strapping polypropylene and polyester tape with a width of 12-16mm. The tape tensioning and welding cycle is carried out by means of an electric motor powered by the supplied battery. Thanks to this technology, the entire process of belt fabrication is considerably shortened, compared with manual tensioning and the use of wire ties. The additional benefit is to achieve a durable, flat connection, without compromising the packaging of the adjacent cargo.

Taśmy bandujące, napinacze do taśm, maszyny

Logistics, Overprints, Films, Tapes, Packaging, Packaging machines, Plastic welders, Profiles, corners, Sorbents

Polska, 63-500 Ostrzeszów, Św. Mikołaja 25 E

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