New compactor compactor for municipal waste in containers up to 1100l Eko MiLpap VC1100 (113141)

Type of offer::
~2 417 EUR / pc
Available quantity:
1 pc
Valid for:
76 days

Name and surname:
Bartosz Olszewski

Our latest device   EKO MiLPAP VC1100 is a compactor for compacting all waste directly in 900 - 1100L containers. It is a device that will allow you to reduce the frequency of garbage collection, i.e. it will reduce the costs of waste management.

Its advantages include simple and safe operation. It has the ability to adjust the height of the machine legs so that they can be adjusted to the height of the container, thanks to which we will protect the container floor against damage.

The presented machine is manufactured by our plant in Podkamionka, mostly of components from Polish producers.

We provide transport around Poland.
I issue a VAT invoice.

Technical Specifications:

Model: VC1100

Producer: EKO MiLPAP

Engine: 1.5 kW

Production country: Poland

Power supply: 230 V

Press dimensions: 120 x 98 x 190 cm (maximum height)

Pressing plate dimensions: 57 x 100 cm

Pressure: 3 tons

Weight: 235 kg

Warranty: 24 months

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