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GrabTrade Adam Grabowski
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Adam Grabowski
The GrabTrade company, a supplier of shredding equipment and complete recycling systems from GUANGZHOU 3E MACHINERY CO.,LTD in Poland, offers:

  • Mills for plastics, wood chips, cable waste (moving "V" and cascade knife system)

PC2660R - rotor length 600mm, diameter 260mm, main motor power 18.5kw (in stock)

PC3280R - rotor length 800mm, diameter 320mm, main motor power 30kw (in stock)

PC42100R - rotor length 1000mm, diameter 420mm, main motor power 45kw (in stock)

PC42120R-rotor length 1200mm, diameter 420mm, main motor power 55kw (in delivery)

PC52120R-rotor length 1200mm, diameter 520mm, main motor power 75kw (in delivery)

PC66160R-rotor length 1600mm, diameter 660mm, main motor power 132kw (on request)

PC80200R-rotor length 2000mm, diameter 800mm, main motor power 200kw (on request)

  • Single-shaft crushers with hydraulic pressure (horizontal, arched, additional vertical)

WT2260-rotor length 600mm, diameter 220mm, motor power 18.5kw (in delivery)

WT3080-rotor length 800mm, diameter 300mm, motor power 30kw (in stock)

WT4080-rotor length 800mm, diameter 400mm, motor power 37kw (in stock)

WT40100-rotor length 1000mm, diameter 400mm, motor power 45kw (in stock)

WTF40120-rotor length 1200mm, diameter 400mm, motor power 75kw (in stock)

WTF40120-rotor length 1200mm, diameter 400mm, motor power 75kw (in stock)

WT40120-rotor length 1200mm, diameter 400mm, motor power 55kw (in delivery)

WT40150-rotor length 1500mm, diameter 400mm, motor power 75kw (in delivery)

WT48200-rotor length 2000mm, diameter 480mm, motor power 55kw+55kw (on request)

WT66300-rotor length 3000mm, diameter 660mm, motor power 132kw+132kw (on request)

  • Two-shaft shredders

Delivery of devices on request, lead time with delivery about 4 months

  • Four shaft shredders
FS9080 charging chamber 900mm x 800mm, motor power 22kw+22kw (in stock)
  • Washing lines

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