Lines for the production of bubble, bubble, packaging and insulating films (17198)

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Adept-Service Sp. z o.o.
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Andrzej BoufaƂ

We offer economical, complete lines for the production of bubble-shaped (bubble) LDPE film, two, three. And even 7-layer (roof insulation) - layered, with a web width of 500, 1000, 1500, 1800,2000,2500 and garden foils, width 3500 mm. The line will be made in a workshop in China. Delivery time about 80 days. The size of the bubble to be agreed. Guarantees + "CE" standard.

We also offer lines for the production of bubble film at high speeds and greater width, including multi-layer type COEX, with polyamide layer, Taiwanese production.

The offer also includes automatic machines for the production of bubble bags, automatic envelope production machines with bubble wrap, bubble film laminating machines and other accessories.

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