Line granulation car wash recycle plastics cascade

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Offer line for plastic granulation PSMG110  


  1. Tape feeder for compactor
      Engine power: 1.5kw

Tape width: 700mm

2. Compactor

Motor power: 90kW, controlled by inverter

Diameter of the compactor: 1000mm

8 mm thickness compactor coil
Quantities of cutting knives: 3 groups x 3
Amounts of fixed knives: 7 pcs.

Side door for agglomerator for easy inspection and cleaning
Temperature sensor inside the compactor
Compressor coil cooling system (water and air)

3. Single-screw extruder

Snail: 38CrMoA1A, nitrided

Cylinder: 38CrMoAlA, nitrided, bimetallic, air cooled;

Motor power: 132kW AC inverter controlled

Screw diameter: 110mm;

L / D = 38: 1;

Maximum screw speed: 140rpm

Degassing system: Vacuum pump: 3kw

Double degassing

Heating zones: air cooled heaters

7 heating zones,

Air cooling, cooling capacity: 0.37Kw × 7;

Performance: 400 - 600kg / h

4. Hydraulic, plate changer, self-sealing screen

Filter diameter: 250 mm

Maximum pressure: ≤ 35Mpa

Without stopping the extruder, no leakage, change time of 2 seconds

Material: 38CrMoAl

Heating power: 12KW

5. Cutting in the water ring

Head material: 40Cr, nitrided

Head heating power: 1.5kw

Motor power: 2.2kW

External knife blade adjustment to the cutting disc

Rotational speed: 2900 rpm driven by inverter

Number of cutting knives: 2-4 pcs, made of material W18Cr4V

6. Centrifuge

Performance: 500kg / h

Motor power: 5.5kW rotational speed: 1480rpm

7. Vibration table

Power of vibrator motors: 2 x 0.12kW

Grid made of stainless steel

Water tank made of stainless steel

Water pump: 4 kW motor

8. material transport system

Engine power: 3,7kw rotational speed: 2800rpm

Tube diameter: 100mm

Silo capacity: 1m3

Injector and transport pipes

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