Line for the production of stretch film with cast 3/5-layer method / become a producer!

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Marcin Kania

A perfect machine for a company starting the production of stretch film, especially wishing to move from jumbo rewinding to the production of stretch film. If you want to make your offer more flexible, this is a great opportunity - you produce the thickness you want, when you want and exactly when you need it. One raw material - various films: manual, machine, jumbo. You skip the rewinding stage for hand films, which makes you more competitive.

Monthly real capacity up to 100 tons depending on the thickness of the film produced. Possibility of dosing regranulate to the middle layer in order to reduce the cost of production. At the current prices of stretch film, it is possible to manufacture a product with an annual value of over PLN 10 million.


Head: manual, width 1200 mm

An online scanner for measuring the thickness of the X- Ray film by Polon-Izot, the thickness of the film is monitored on an ongoing basis at each point,

Layer Distributor: 3 Layer ABC or 4 Layer ABCB

Production method: poured - cast

Extruders : 3 pieces, 55 mm / 90 mm / 55 mm

L: D , 30: 1

Width of the produced film : 1 m, 2 x 500 mm, 2 x 450 mm

Roll weight: from 1 kg net (manual) to 50 kg (jumbo)

Thickness range: 10 to 40 mic.

Product: manual / machine / jumbo stretch film

Efficiency : up to 150 kg / h depending on the thickness of the film

Number of cooling rolls : 2 pcs.

Chiller 2 pieces (each roller separately cooled)

Granule feeders for each extruder.

Gravimetric dispenser for the adhesive layer (precise dosing)

Melt pump - 3 pieces (on each screw, the pump stabilizes the extrusion pressure, better homogenization of the material, more smooth film)

Electrostatic system for holding film on rollers by Meech

Side cutter mill with forced B layer return system.

Automatic rewinder , automatic reel change with meter counter.

Year of production: 2016

Country of Origin: China

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