Knife mills Crusher Shredders (106826)

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GrabTrade Adam Grabowski
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Adam Grabowski

GRABTARDE Adam Grabowski is a trading company dealing in the sale of shredders destined for the recycling of plastics, waste paper and wood. We are a representative of the Chinese company GUANGZHOU 3E MACHINERY CO., LTD in Poland. Our machines work not only in Poland, but also companies from Germany, England, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania and Belgium have trusted us. We have in continuous exposure dozens of machines both new and used leading European producers of recycling machines.
Offered devices:
  1. Knife mills of PC series, rotor length from 600mm to 2400mm, rotor diameter from 260mm to 800mm, main engine power from 15kw to 250kw. A wide selection of types of rotors and the position of movable knives allows you to choose the appropriate shredder for the type of waste. The device on customer's request can be equipped with a conveyor belt with a metal separator and a big bag station with a dust collector
  2. Crushers, low-speed shredders with hydraulic material clamping. Rotor length from 600mm to 4000mm, rotor diameter from 220mm to 660mm, main engine power from 18kw to 2x160kw. The manufacturer offers its customer several variants of rotors enabling the machine's efficiency to be increased by properly matching the grinding part to the type of waste. Also the entire machine structure can be dedicated to a specific material: pipe waste, we can use a crusher with a movable hopper which eliminates the pipe shaping effect that occurs in a standard crusher.

For the headquarters of our company, we have several dozen new shredding machines of various types and we are able to choose the right machine, in order to achieve the maximum efficiency of a given device with the smallest financial outlay, through tests on the client material entrusted to us.
Our company provides one-year warranty for new devices sold. We guarantee warranty and post-warranty service. In continuous sale, consumable parts for the devices offered (knives, sieves, bearings, lubricants, oils)
Examples of models: Knife mills
  1. Model PC2660 15 / 18,5kw cascade or "V" arrangement, rotor length 600mm, diameter 260mm
  2. Model PC3280 22 / 30kw cascade or "V" arrangement, rotor length 800mm, diameter 320mm
  3. Model PC4280 37kw cascade or "V" arrangement, rotor length 800mm, diameter 420mm
  4. Model PC42100 45 / 55kw cascade or "V" arrangement, rotor length 100mm, diameter 420mm
  5. Model PC42120 55kw cascade or "V" arrangement, rotor length 1200mm, diameter 420mm
  6. Model PC52100 55kw cascade or "V" arrangement, rotor length 100mm, diameter 520mm
  7. Model PC52120 75kw cascade or "V" arrangement, rotor length 1200mm, diameter 520mm
Single-shaft crushers with hydraulic pressure
  1. Model WT2260 main engine 18.5kw, rotor length 600mm, diameter 220mm
  2. Model WT3080 main engine 30kw, rotor length 800mm, diameter 300mm
  3. Model WT40800 main motor 37kw, rotor length 800mm, diameter 400mm
  4. Model WT40100 main engine 45kw, rotor length 1000mm, diameter 400mm
  5. Model WT40120 main motor 55kw, rotor length 1200mm, diameter 400mm
  6. Model WT40150 main engine 75kw, rotor length 1500mm, diameter 400mm

We are able to provide a complete crushing line, for example: - feeding belt for initial crushing
-previous shredder depending on the waste single-shaft, double-shaft or four-shaft, optional metal separator
- receiving belt from the crusher and feeding the optional metal separator to the metering device
-complementing device, knife mill - big-bag with a dust collector

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