Hhd-25 plastic dryer capacity 25L Promotion! (94820)

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Michał Domarańczyk

We present you the offer for the HHD-25 plastic dryer:

- 25kg capacity
- heating power 2.7kW
- 100W blower power
- weight 36 kg
- Dimensions LxWxH 830x640x890

Dryers for drying plastic by blowing hot air.

Mounted directly on the machine to ensure drying speed and space saving.
Hot air is blown evenly from the bottom to the top of the tank with a capacity of 12 ~ 1000 kg.

We have a dryer with capacity from 12L to 1000L.

Warranty: 12 months

- Delivery time: depends on availability in stock

I sincerely invite you to buy.

Wtryskarki, młyny do tworzyw, kruszarki, linie do recyklingu i regranulacji, odwilżacze, chłodziarki

Injection moulding machines, Driers, Mills, cruschers, Lines for mechanical recycling, Material conveyors


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