Gammaflux Lec and G24 hot runner regulators (95121)

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VGT Polska Sp. z o.o.
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Mateusz Gałczyński

We offer hot channel temperature regulators of the world leader in this field - GAMMAFLUX.

Control configurations from 2 to 480 zones from one device are possible. LEC versions (2-24 zones), G24 versions (12 to 480 zones).

For interested customers we offer a free presentation and test of the device.

Gammaflux regulators are the latest regulation technique. They have significant competitive advantages:

- Gamma fl ux regulators 20 times per second (10 times more often than the competition) accurately measure thermocouple temperature.

- the self-optimizing Gamma fl ux PID2 control algorithm will make corrections if the actual temperature deviates from the set value by 0.05 ° C. The second derivative (PID 2) monitors the actual temperature change rate. The result is that the Gammaflux module regulates the output to the temperature source even before reaching the set value, thus limiting or eliminating exceeding or lowering below the limit.

- Gamma fl ux regulator provides smooth and accurate power to each heating element in a smooth manner, without switching the heaters on and off. The voltage potential is always applied to the heating element. The regulation is done by voltage amplitude and power.

- heaters have a lifetime 100 times longer (there are no current peaks each time the heater is switched on as in competition)

- Gammaflux regulators are covered by a 5-year warranty

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