Extruder for narrow sleeves and LDPE, HDPE and other belts (74276)

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General Plastics Sp. z o.o.
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Józef Wojtłowski

In the PE foil line group, we also produce SMALL extruders for narrow sleeves (also for narrow belts).

- for LDPE, HDPE or universal,

- for 1 (mono) or multi-layer film,

- with the possibility of folds / folds,

- with or without a rotating head

- productivity: from 15-20 kg / hour. upwards,

- diameter of snails: from 18 mm upwards,

- roller diameter: from 300 mm upwards,

- with single winder (sleeves, semi-sleeves) or double (sleeves, half-sleeves, tapes),

- AC motors, regulated by inverters,

- central control with a touch operator panel,

- optional equipment at the customer's request: eg a knurl, film activator ("ionizer").

Producer: General Plastics Sp. z o. o

The machines are new - made to order.

In Łomianki near Warsaw, we also produce:

- large, complete lines for film extrusion,

- lines for post-production waste recycling / recycling,

- bottles ("extruder blow molding machines") for bottles, containers, vials, canisters,

- vending machines for candles and oilers.

Producent maszyn do przetwórstwa tworzyw

Extrusion lines for blow film production, Extrusion blowmoulding machines, Lines for mechanical recycling, Films, Bottles

Polska, 05-092 Łomianki, Kolejowa 152

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