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Leszek Caputa

Pallet storage

System for stacking and desolving empty pallets

Device for storage and storage of 15 to 50 europallets on a small surface. Forklift can be loaded or unloaded from one to several pallets at the same time easily and quickly,

safe and comfortable,

It saves time and place,

solid and inexpensive.


Wherever pallets are constantly scattered or where they are still needed,

Wherever order and order are of great importance,

Wherever emphasis is placed on a high level of security,

Where scattered pallets generate unnecessary costs,

Everywhere there is little space for storing pallets,

Whenever pallets are to remain dry, however, they are stored outdoors,

Everywhere pallets must be secured against theft.


fast access to pallets, also for less skilled workers,

Easy to use, thanks to intelligent software,

high level of safety, less accidents,

space saving (up to 50 pallets can be stored instack)

Convenient loading and unloading with a forklift truck does not require more

physical exercise,

possibility of loading or unloading from 1 to several pallets simultaneously,

permanent pallet storage place,

Cyfrowe systemy ważące, wagi, wózki paletowe z wagami, wagi do wózków paletowych, wagi do wózków widłowych

Measuring & control equipment, Forklifts, Pallet trucks, Scales, Palletisers

Polska, 40-020 Katowice, Przemysłowa 10

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