Beston Injection 220 Ton with Servo Motor New (104034)

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Beston Tech
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Michał Domarańczyk

I invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer on the Beston-Tech model BTW-2200S injection molding machine:

The characteristic feature of Beston-Tech injection molding machines is the high quality of components used by renowned European manufacturers embedded in a solid and durable construction.

The Beston-Tech injection molding machines are designed and manufactured with the needs in mind

and expectations of the most demanding European customers.

- Sturdy plate castings ensure production stability and extend the life of the mold.

- The locking plates are equipped with self-lubricating sleeves and slides of high strength and durability.

- Five-point double knee system allows quick movements with precise control of operating parameters.

- The "V" structure of the closing system ensures closure reliability and stability and reduces the risk of mold deformation.

- The injection truck trolley is mounted on guide rails, which ensures stability and precision of movements.

- Double cylinder system ensures correct nozzle pressure to the mold.

- The swivel trolley system allows quick and convenient access to the screw and nozzle.

- Hydraulic system controlling the injection machine movements fully based on the components of the renowned Bosch-Rexroth brand.

BESTON injection molding is a guarantee of stability and the highest quality of production in the full range of its parameters.

Parameters of the BTW-2200S model

- machine equipped with a servomotor
- clamping force 220t
- screw diameter 45mm / 50mm / 60mm
- injection weight of 333g / 447g / 643g
- injection pressure 2235/1810 / 1257bar
- injection stream 170/210 / 302cm3 / s
- distance between columns 530x530 mm
- mold thickness 200-550mm

We offer injection molding machines from 100 tons to 750 tons. All machines have CE and instructions in Polish.

We offer full production sockets, among others from:
- injection molding machine
- injection mold
- periphery for the injection molding machine
- manipulator
- by conveyor

We provide:
- assembly and commissioning of machines and devices
- staff training
- warranty and post-warranty repairs
- technical inspections
- technology consulting

Condition: NEW
Warranty: 24 months
Delivery time: depends on availability in the warehouse

The price applies to standard injection molding equipment.

If you are interested, please contact us at 662-078-033

Wtryskarki, młyny do tworzyw, kruszarki, linie do recyklingu i regranulacji, odwilżacze, chłodziarki

Injection moulding machines, Driers, Mills, cruschers, Lines for mechanical recycling, Material conveyors


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