Andonsp paging system (91007)

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Leszek Caputa


Growing demands for productivity and quality of production, they oblige to implement solutions to quickly solve problems and breakdowns, control of current production and subsequent analysis of these events.

Financial aspect:

Assumptions: 24 production sites, each station calls service 4 times a day, service response - average 5 min.

Unproductive time / 1 change: 24x4x5min. = 480min. = 8h
A single employee's day wasted!

Annual profit:
8 (hours) x 21 (days) x 12 (months) x 50zł (cost of 1h, only *) =
100 800 zł

The paging system serves to:

Calling services to posts

* Informing the service about the problem

* Event logging

* Provides information to analyze downtime and service work

* Recall forklift trucks


* Increased productivity and quality of production

* Visualization of problems

* Control the speed of response to the event

* Analysis of collected data


* Reliability, simplicity of construction and assembly
* Easy and fast modernization
* The ability to adapt to individual needs
* Intuitive handling and excellent visualization of events and information
* High ergonomics already taken into account at design stage
* The ability to configure remote service access

Cyfrowe systemy ważące, wagi, wózki paletowe z wagami, wagi do wózków paletowych, wagi do wózków widłowych

Measuring & control equipment, Forklifts, Pallet trucks, Scales, Palletisers

Polska, 40-020 Katowice, Przemysłowa 10

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