A well-equipped line for the production of LDPE film.

No. 122987
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~81 639 EUR / pc
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11 days

Modus-Pack Sp. z o.o.
Name and surname:
Ryszard Czerniak

For sale a perfectly equipped line for the production of LDPE film in very good technical condition. The line is working all the time, it is possible to see it at work.

Model GF-65L / 1750-W2H, Production date 2014. Manufacturer: General Plastik
Capacity: up to 110 kg depending on the thickness.
Swivel head: 250 mm, additional insert 190 mm
70mm bimetallic "maddock" snail (with barrier zone)
Snail + cylinder: L: D 30: 1
Main engine: 45 kW
Leverage screen changer
Dust extraction: 1750 mm
Mill for foil cutting with a unit for returning the foil to the extruder.
Double rewinder with automatic roller change.
4 expansion bars
Automatic foil tension control.
Automatic positioning of the foil edge.
Foil activator for printing.
1-color in-line printer for printing small elements.
4-component gravimetric dispenser, precisely dosing raw materials.
LCD touchscreen control panels of the machine and rewinder.
Height: 8100 mm (3 segments)
Length: approx. 7000 mm
Width: 2700 mm
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