New double?pack of RPC Bebo

New double?pack of RPC Bebo
An innovative double?pack concept launched by margarine brand Lätta has been achieved using the thermoforming and pre?printing expertise of RPC Bebo Plastik. The packaging will be shown at interpack 2008 in Dusseldorf.

Latta im Frischeduo consists of two 100 g portion packs ? labelled, respectively, "Knick!" and "Knack!" ? that are joined together across a perforated edge. Once purchased, the packs are easy to split, enabling the second to remain closed whilst the first is in use to maintain product freshness for longer.

The concept is aimed primarily at the growing demographic of single occupant households, for whom a single margarine tub may be unsuitable, but also provides a convenient size for eating in the office or on a picnic. Unilever turned to RPC Bebo Plastik ? already a major supplier responsible for other sizes in the Lätta brand ? to translate the concept into a workable pack emphasising convenience in filling and use, with an eye?catching appearance.

RPC Bebo Plastik used its manufacturing expertise to devise a method for creating the perforations within the thermoforming tool, something that is difficult to achieve with PP. In addition, the Frischeduo double?pack is designed to fit the cell plates for the regular 500 g Lätta tub, meaning it can be filled on Unilever`s existing filling lines. Whilst the tub is decorated with adhesive labels, the lid is pre?printed using the patented Bebo?print technique for outstanding on?shelf presence and enhanced family branding with other Lätta sizes which are also decorated in this way. Unilever is supporting the launch with a major advertising campaign highlighting the healthiness of the half?fat spread and the convenience of the double?pack to young, busy lifestyles.

- Lätta im Frischeduo would not be possible without effective packaging, and RPC Bebo Plastik has achieved stunning results both in terms of functionality and aesthetics - comments Henk Jansen, Packaging Development Manager at Unilever.