Elektron 450 producing labeled buckets

Elektron 450 producing labeled buckets
The largest model in the Elektron series made its debut at Chinaplas and drew crowds of onlookers.

With a clamping force of 4.500 kN, the Elektron 450 was equipped with an international size 2,290 injection unit with a screw diameter of 70 mm. Using a mold from Centrway, based in Ningbo, China, and an In-Mold-Labeling system from Ningbo Well-Lih Robots Technology, the machine was used to produce labeled buckets. The parts were made of polypropylene (PP) and had a volume of 4.5 liters.

“We have already sold five of the new Elektron 450 machines to customers on China, Saudi Arabia, and Germany,” said Gerold Schley, Managing Director of Ferromatik Milacron and Vice President of the Chinese affiliate. The new model extends the Elektron series to nine sizes with clamping force capabilities from 500 to 4,500 kN.

Along with the new machine size, two larger injection units have been developed – international size 2,290 and 3,470. In total nine injection unit sizes are now available with the Elektron series, ranging from 55 through 3,470. This means there are now a total of 26 possible Elektron machine combinations, each with a choice of three screw diameter sizes.

Elektron 450 producing labeled buckets

The second injection molding machine at the Milacron booth was an Elektron 50 with a clamping force of 500 kN. It featured an international size 50 injection unit with screw diameter of 18 mm, and attained injection speeds of 290 mm/s. At Chinaplas, visitors saw the machine producing lenses for cell phone cameras on a 12-cavity mold from Senyun (Guangzhou, China) using Polymethylmethacrylat (PMMA, Plexiglas).

The Elektron is a global machine series from Milacron. It offers injection molders a cost-effective universal machine for the full gamut of standard production tasks. “The Elektron is well established in China and has had a growing presence in the European market over the past two years,” said Gerold Schley.



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