Bangkok, Thailand ,
Bangkok, Thailand

Centre for Management Technology, 80 Marine Parade Road #13-02 Parkway Parade, Singapore 449269
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Incorporating 2 conferences - 3rd BiobasedChem Asia & 7th Bioplastics Markets - with individual interactive sessions plus 'shared common' half day session in which both groups will come together for comprehensive networking and knowledge sharing experience. 3rd BiobasedChemAsia "Realising Asia's Potential in the Renewable Chemicals Value Chain"
  • Drivers & Challenges in Biobased Chemicals Commercialisation Roadmap
  • Prospects for the Asian Market - Production & Regional Demand
  • Biobased Building Blocks' Development & Downstream Markets' Growth Outlook
  • Economics & Financing Commercial Scale Biorefinery in Asia
  • Feedstock (e.g. Cassava, Sugar, Starch, Palm, Cellulosic Biomass) Availability & Issues in Securing/Aggregating
  • Emerging Conversion Technologies & Innovations in Current Processing Routes
7th Bioplastics Markets "Unleashing the Bioplastics Growth Potential"
  • Global Bioplastics Market Outlook and Challenges
  • Sustainable Feedstock Supply in Bioplastics Development
  • Market Outlook, Commercial Updates and Materials Innovations
  • New Production Capacities in Asia
  • New Technologies & End Use Case Studies in Packaging, Consumer & Durable Goods
  • Legislative Policies on Bioplastics Development in Asia

Centre for Management Technology

Centre for Management Technology

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