Zahoransky Z.SIROC in operation at Fakuma 2015

Zahoransky Z.SIROC in operation at Fakuma 2015
Normally, take-out units are firmly fixed at clamping plates of the machine. The Z.SIROC extension unit built by Zahoransky allows a much more flexible and universal use.

This is a standardized unit for the automatic feed-in, assembly and removal directly at the injection molding machine, used exactly where it is necessary for part removal. This module including its safety housing can be easily moved by hand lift truck and be adapted to any appropriately equipped injection molding machine.

The take-out unit is currently available in three different versions: the overhead or vertical unit fitted with a 6-axes robot made by Kuka, and the unit with sideload using a linear robot. The three variants of the Z.SIROC removal unit have been designed for use for injection molding machines made by different manufacturers and with clamping forces ranging from 500 to 2,000 kN.

The use of the units is only limited by the available working space in and around the injection molding machine. Owing to the extra freedom of movement, the 6-axes robot integrated as standard easily removes even the most complex of parts.

Rapid and easy communication with the machine control is ensured from the autonomous robot control systems via an interface according to Euromap 67. This will convert the complex 6-axes system into a user-friendly Cartesian System of coordinates which will allow the operator or fitter to move within the familiar and usual dimensions. The robot’s intelligent control makes the appropriate interpretation into the 6-axes system. The Euromap 73 interface is available for integration into the safety circuit of the injection molding machine.

The mobile Z.SIROC extension unit is on display at the Fakuma on the Ferromatik Milacron stand in combination with an injection molding machine of the F-Series, model 120 with 1,200 kN clamping force.

Z.SIROC takes out the ready injection molded handles from the mold.
The pre-moldings are placed into the second cavity by means of an internal handling unit. The modular two-fold platform line mold demonstrates the flexible production of different handles in a single mold.


Using a three-station mold at its own booth nº 2309 in Hall A2, Zahoransky shows options for integrated automation solutions inside the mold. Another exhibit on display at the Zahoransky stand is an SCPS-Light mold. The outstanding features of this modular two-plate mold are the two assembly platens mounted outside the mold which allow complex assembly processes to be realized without longer cycle times.